What is this self-oop move?

It cannot be blocked. It literally goes thru my players. How do you do it?

Idk but its trash because it always happens when I’m trying to throw an oop to someone else. I think you just point to the rim and do an alley oop

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This one they bounce it on the floor to dunk it

Sounds like a special park dunk. Who did it?

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Ja and Lavine

Damn that’s weird. If they pulled that shit off against me, I’d be pissed

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You talking abt in tto? Some guys can trigger it w the flashy dunk

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Yes. Really? So not in 5v5 then?

I’ve never seen it 5v5. Only in tto. Does anyone know how to throw an oop to a teammate off the backboard? Ive only done it once or twice on accident lol

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Durant did it in MTU


Just did it with DRose, idk if takeover mattered, but just did a flashy dunk. Now I see why that might be a problem lol.

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Right? The move is nuts. Guy did it to me 3 or 4 times in a game of tto.

Blake does this constantly. Its extremely blockable