What is there to do in 2k22?

I already got endgame harden and webber this season. I don’t have a fortune of mt so i cant try out cards like endgame tacko, yao, etc. Jokic also doesn’t seem worth the grind. Considering all of this, wtf is there to do this year? I would normally try to play park but i did that for the majority of the year already and have no interest in grinding to level 40 for a pair of virtual shoes. Any suggestions would be appreciated :). The only thing that interests me is playing park on current gen but ofc I never made any builds on that game.

nothing bro. end game cards killing the mode. i fw limited and occasionally clutch time tto as well but no good rewards


just obliterate everyone while endgame cards are not in everyones teams

Preorder madden and to kill time watch stranger things


Or go out and play actually bball and enjoy the summer.


Agree with going out on the sun. However thought would try a different player and looked at what Chet cost. Got lucky and sniped a Chet with D contract and shoe for 15K. Really like his shot, but still prefer base 3 and 25. I know statistics will say I am likely wrong, but does Base 3 seem faster than 25 but 25 easier to green?

i alr do that bruh i got a whole ass day with nothing to do but play 2k and basketball and 2k recently got boring asf for me

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been there done that. i have literally no incentive to play i regret grinding dom and clutch time so fast bc now i have literally nothing to do