What is the hype with Diamond RoCo?

I see so many people running this card. What’s special about this card?

6’10, shot is ridiculously easy, animations are A1, and he’s a monster defensively

Which shows that you don’t need 40+ HOF badges to win, just use who you can green with that has everything you need


Top perimeter defender in the game, particularly with a high on ball steal tendency

Money release and great three point rating, too

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What’s his jumpshot animation?

I’m not sure, but the green window is huge and unique, idk if anyone else has it

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He’s second only to Giannis when it comes to passing lane steals.

Feels like his defensive tendencies are tailor-made for this game.

And he has a great shot.


He’s a defensive monster, on ball and off ball. Shot is beautiful and he’s not easy to back down even as a wing player.


High strength, excellent defensive tendencies, good height(6’9”) though poor wingspan, easy shot from three.

And he has some secret sauce, coz he doesn’t make many mistakes, and is always in the right place as the last option on offense.

Can’t do anything special going to the rim, with or without ball. Though no cock-back or dumb dunk animations, so he doesn’t get blocked


I don’t know what it is about him but he is a defensive god. I have had him in my lineup forever and tried to get away from him but just can’t.

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A Galaxy Opal in a Diamond Coating. Plus Free.

You can see covington explained here.


Only important for offballers like him :slightly_smiling_face:

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Truth be told, if they made a GO Roco, his green window would suspiciously shrink.

Poor wing spawn lmfo what

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He’s 6’9” in-game, so 7’0” and under wingspan would be poor by NBA standards.

I believe “plus-six”(inches) is the fashionable term used among team personnel to mark really good wingspan guys—Kawhi, Norm Powell, Lou Williams, Dwight Howard, etc.

So understanding the basics of NBA good/average/poor wingspan, we can evaluate RoCo. One of us—you or I, Knezius—need only go into MyLeague and check it in the attributes comparison section.

I won’t be on my console till several hours later…


He’s budget AK-47





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I love that Lord Roco is now being a 2K novelty after years of being a Fantasy Basketball darling. Bout time 2k community starting to put some respeck on lord roco the savior.

I doubt he is even the best diamond defender in the game

i dont believe the hype

spotlight cards are pure ass

Have you played with him a few games? He pushed Worthy out of the S5 for me as soon as I got him. No other diamond comes to my mind if you’re looking for a 3’D guy.