What is the first thing you are going to do?

My plan is to rip a lot of packs and get my MT up; i know i shouldn’t but i work for my money so i can spend it.

Then i will probably grind dom.

Anyone else still really excited for a new year of myteam?

Turn off menu music and announcers.


unlock auction house

Try the new controls of the game, then a play now Lakers-Celtics, as usual

Spend a few hours in the my player builder. If I play myteam this year it likely won’t be to start the year. Came back to myteam at the kawhi season last year, hoping to last even longer this time, haha


Probably gather up a solid cheap squad and start a few games of dominations until I feel some of the animations and mechanics of the game and then start hooping online


Sell my mt lol

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How do you turn off the menu music?

Beat Domination then unlimited


Audio settings

spend a while figuring out the new build creator


A solid two hours futzing with builds for me.


Ripping some packs to build MT then straight into Triple Threat offline or Dom depending on rewards to get a feel for the game

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That’s like going to jail and asking to be fucked in the ass right after crossing the gates. I know it’s your money but this greedy, lazy company doesn’t deserve one additional cent from you or anyone else. When do you guys finally realize it? Btw, I spent over $1000 in 2k20 and $0 in 2k21 and I had equally good teams. Opening packs is literally burning money. Especially now when rewards are good. And most importantly, nothing will ever change if y’all gonna keep doing it.

Take a guess…


To be honest rip the packs day 1 if you want but you won’t make a lot of profit since nobody has built up a decent stack of mt just wait a couple weeks or even around mid/late October when cards are actually worth pulling and if you decide to sell then you would make a good amount of mt ,first 3/4 promos are usually shit

Just wait till the cards are hyped up and inflated to use real money to rip packs lol

Unlock auction house and buy current series Shai

Would you wait then to use the VC you get if you pre-order the game? I was NMS this year and had no problem stacking my MT. I feel that I waited to long to use my free VC I got for pre-ordering this year.

Check in here to see what are you guys saying about the game. But before that, check in to see how many % has anybody installed the game.

Probably check 2kdb to see which Starter Pack player is the best for me. Then do the settings. Then check the available game modes (in MyTeam). Play dom until I save enough mt to get 3 diamond contracts. Then mix up tt, tto (using my 3 best players with diamond contracts) with domination. The beginning of the cycle is always most fun (no matter the gameplay). But it’s the gameplay that keeps people playing later on.


im gonna try very hard to not spend any actual money this year