What is the difference between GO Giannis and GO Rewards Giannis

is there much difference between GO Giannis and Galaxy Rewards Giannis? if so what?

200 attribute points

how much difference does that make in gameplay wonder if it is worth getting the rewards one

I think that depends on the shoe you put on the auctionable version, the coach you use, and is he in takeover. The reward version has areas like strength, shooting, bc, post defense, etc that are 9 points higher in all areas. I guess it comes down to wanting a perfect card or a really good card. I’m sure you can be just as deadly with the auctionable card.

what shoe and coach would you recommend for the auctionable?

Probably want to go with the Red Kobe or Kyrie for BC/SWB/Contested 3.

It’s like wearing fake Jordans.

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yeah but how I am going to get that many cards to get him lol

The question is why would you want to get him now? To play a week or two?

not buying 2k20 until it is 3 dollars lol

In that case go for the real GO Giannis. All the cards are fairly cheap.

Rewards greens multiple moving 3s for me every game. It feels so unfair.

Auction giannis can’t stop the post spin from big bodies unlike the reward one … he’s overall just weaker

After 2 baskets well before takeover hes basically 99 everything with coach and shoe and has the same exact badges as rewards Giannis.

I never got dominated by the fake GO Giannis. Just saying. :slight_smile:

@ProjectMayhem is selling his GO giannis account for $30 might as well cop that


Once you getting the timing of his jumper any Giannis can takeover the game for you, any card can take over just depends on how you use him

Remember it’s cards not players. Some playbooks, arenas, jersey’s, coaches, etc are cheap. Just go through auction house and set the BIN to 1,000 and see all that pops up. If you are waiting till 2k20 is $3, assuming it’ll be around the same time as this year you have plenty of time to stack up the cards. Take advantage or the low cost of cards and people selling cheap MT. Take your time and don’t over spend if that makes sense.

How many you got now?


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