What is the best shoe for PD Jr Smith

Title says it all. Since his stats are so high didn’t know what you guys thought might be the best option. Thanks

I’m over 100 cards away but I’m not even sure where he needs the help lol

Passing definetly could be “better”
Post Defense
BC to 99 couldnt hurt
Post Fade also able to max out with Shoe
You could also Boost to 80 Block.

I would try to boost Post Fade, Passing & Ball Control (in that order).

White and pink Adidas are perfect for him

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I used Cp3x

The shoe that boost low post def iq is for sure the best for him

This is like asking me what the best rims are to put on a Ferrari while I’m over here driving my infinite

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Infiniti owners unite, what model

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i put red kirie on my pd jr

Q50 definitely my favorite car I’ve ever had

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Ooo those are nice. Everytime I get work done on the G I’m tempted to trade it in lol

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You ain’t lying about that lol I was prepared for that when I bought it though

Hows the steering? I heard its electronic and your steering wheel sends signals to a computer attached to your steering rack.

Yeah it’s got the DAS like before with a few package options but I just kept mine basic on standard because I drive it for luxury not for sport. Not like I’m out here whipping it cutting corners at high speeds and shit haha all in all its my second Infiniti and drives just as nice as I’d hoped. Smoothest driving cars I’ve ever driven

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Better Question. What shoe can I give to this Galaxy Opal Giannis? All of his ratings are 99 already idk what to improve.

Gray Jordan’s for 99 off dribble 3’s

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Which shoe is that, will give gim a 61 low post D iq not the craziest stat to boost.

With pink adidas

Post fade 99
Passing vision 97
Steal 99
Swb 99

Ball control already goes to 98 with Casey so no need for that boost and lateral quickness is already at 98.

Only thing I can see red kyries good for is getting 99 def consistency.

If you’re running Dantoni then prob a different story though.