What is the BEST 5 man roster you have run with this year on MTU?

I have found the matchups to be a lot easier running a 5 man roster this year. With enough timeouts, I don’t feel that stamina heavily affects performance.

This is what I’ve been running but looking for other player recos. Have some MT to experiment new worthwhile cards.

is shaq any good

I like him more than Mutumbo. Which is who I was using before shaq. His 98 strength and HOF backdown punisher make him a fun card. I found one with HOF lob city finisher and HOF post-spin as well so he dunks like crazy.

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Backdoor punisher :joy:


He tried him and he’s good imo. I played a lot of shaqs last season and if you need a strong rebounder and slasher he’s the man.
He’s better than Lanier and Wallace for me.