What is the best 2’s lineup I can make?

I have a post-scorer and a shot-creating playmaker. I usually run with a pure sharpshooter when I have my post-scorer, and a 6”10 lockdown when I have my guard. I’m going for wins right now, so what lineup would be the best? I can get most common archetypes to run with.


Idk im not even that cheese at park and with my pure shot and my friends pure glass it seems to be pretty much impossible to stop. I have like an 80 percent win ratio with this combo.

Speedboost to the left shoot an open middy green.

Speedboost to the right take an open middy green.

Over and over and over and over…

Another thing is run that post scorer and a post scoring stretch or just a stretch and just back down and kick repeat over and over.

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We’ll 1s and 2s are both make it take it. In 1s, a pure post scorer will always reign supreme. I’d argue 3>2s doesn’t matter in make it take it. It’s more about never missing.

That would lead me to conclude that a pure post scorer and a pure lockdown SG would be the best combo possible. You could much much more easily stop all the guard/big man lineups. And only a pure rim protector will give a pure post scorer any troubles.

The pure lock SG can hit corner 3s off the help.

That’s what I would do. I guess if you’re ever in a situation where the post can’t get his own shot, you’ll be in trouble. But a good post should be able to score on anyone.

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