What is the answer to the 2ktv question?

i need help and need to know the questions and answers

Is there a new one?


Would wait until DBG makes a video with the answer

Or search Twitter

what’s the question so I can Google the answer.


Its Marquese chriss still for me,did it really change?


I dont see the new one

me neither

oh i thought glenn robinson was last

Its friday,it should already be up,someone should send a ticket to 2k to put the new 2ktv card up

FYI guys


What’s the question? Just wanna make sure we’re not getting fake answers or trolled by the tweet above. Idk who that is or if he’s reliable.

just wait a litle longer if you are concerned

It is 3 teams

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It is 3 teams,its how many all time teams you can see greg anthony in play now

Lol damn really bro…I have no reason to troll anyone it’s not that serious

Can anyone else confirm this?

I didn’t mean you exactly. I meant the dude in the tweet. Unless that’s you yourself. It was just a thought I had and wanted to confirm it. No biggie. Appreciate the info though my man. Thanks!

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