What is that?

hey, anyone else have these % on the court? only happen when cousy have the ball.

It shows the opennes % of the players, when a HOF floor general badged player has the ball.

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Yeah, it’s HOF floor general, It also does this with HOF defensive leader.

oh ok :ok_hand:t5:, though it was another glitch :slight_smile: thanks mates


Another nice addition is when one of your players gets glass cleaner takeover a grey ring shows on the floor where the rebound is going to land.

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that’s not new.

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Lol i thought it was a glitch

I have Cousey and this gets on my nerves. It is too much information to process as the percentages change so quickly. I find it just distracting and it leads to more turnovers for me.


Yea dat shit annoying like da effort but bad idea

No way to turn this off?

How’s Cousy? I’m getting a little wary of pg who can’t dunk. I love Stockton but he gets blocked a lot at the rim because he never dunks it. Wanted to get Cousy to back him up, but not sure if I can stand having two non-dunking PGs