What is offballing exactly

what is offballing?
why do people hate it?
how do you do it? do you put your team into a particular defense to di it lik 2 3 zone or man to man
how do you beat it

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You just don’t guard the player handling the ball. You guard someone else instead.
People hate it because they find it frustrating or repetitive to play against.
You can do it in man to man or a zone, it doesn’t matter.
Pick and roll, plays with multiple actions, and posting up are some easy ways to score against off ball.

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Set screens

Man said how u do it :rofl::skull:
Bro it means you not playing D and letting cpu play for you lmfao


Based on my interactions with members of the online 2K community, you are also offballing if you manually switch to a help defender, to move them into proper position.

Someone calls for a screen, I fight through screen with onball defender, then switch to screen defender to make sure he’s positioned properly, gets folks angry on the mic for some reason…

Even though I guard the ball primarily 0___o

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Offballing exists on a spectrum.

Can you really blame guys for off balling at this point? You play regular on ball D and you feel like you’re sliding on damn ice.

Zig Zagging is back & it’s here to stay till 2k20.


Offballing is playing mtu while watching the CPU on defense.

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Offballers are incoming in 3…2…1… to say it’s the best way to play d, raa ra raa etc etc.

Tbh I don’t blame them I blame 2k for not disadvantaging the opposition for letting the cpu play d for them


you’re right, it really does feel like you’re skating when onballing. they need to really revamp the defense but they won’t til next gen I assume lol.

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I’ve been playing PNO Player Control for a while now and holy sheet when the other team’s player that is same position as you quit, the computer defender turns into Kawhi… you can’t do sheet like 95% of the time unless that player has like terrible defensive stats

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Watch this video and look how i onball, i switch between on ball and ofball a little. To position my onball defender back. Fairly simple. And fun.

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I offball dudes who do all those offball screens. There’s really no reason to onball those guys.

That’s how I play. I don’t consider switching and repositioning players as being an offballer… An off baller usually guards the opponent’s center and watches his team play.

That Dikimbe swat at :46 was nice. So close to goaltending but nope. Wiggle that big finger, Mutumbo.


I wish 2k will implement some sort of off-ball offense, lol. A bunch of people will just watch an entire game and then feel like they’re so great at this game, lmao


This made me laugh :joy:

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Then tell you that you suck and say you’re moms fat and ugly after the game.


I agree man… 2K needs to fix their broken game or else people will always take advantage. It’s that simple to me.

yah but at the start of 2k19 we had no zigzagging for a month and a half. The game was pretty much clean. But casual were having non of that so there we’re. I honestly don’t see this getting better. The 2k community as a whole is young, toxic and dumb.

People focus on exploiting and cheesing. They care about their cards and beating opponent at any cost more then they care to improve their own gameplay and getting better. They don’t care to post up, run plays or any of that stuff that make the game of basketball beautiful. We reached the point where even dribbling is not considering an art and people rather suppose to zigzag.

2k is pretending and turning a blind eye. Look at this Bonga bullshit. Like they fix match making but then let this bronze squad bullshit run wild. They (2k) rubber band, lie, steal and do all kind of’s dirty and shady shit. Their community is about the same.


Yeah I started late… I heard that the first month is when you get the best games. I’ll be getting 2K20 and it will be interesting to see how the game is from the start, rather than 4 months in.

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