What is gonna be your build in 2k21 next gen?

Now that the builder has been very much improved since you can have a 6’10 wingspan and still have a max 3-ball so its looking like you can make Durant builds and stuff.

Giannis type point forward build

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cool ima make like a tatum or like an Og type build

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My builds will be the ones that follow :

yep I won’t get next gen. I think if WNBA is a real mycareer possibility, most of you guys will create ladies lol

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I’m still looking at a 3&D PF but might do a little post game if it seems viable.


post buildsare usually alway viable

Eh I mean I haven’t been able to make anything close to my shot creating post scorer since 2k19 tho.

Probably a post scorer for the ones.

They added some new post badges it might be overpowered

Some form of C as I always do + pure lock

You can make that this year , you can’t maxed out e earthing like KD is and size will limit attributes too
And badges so …
No Demis like that Ahah

Some form of lebron type point forward good at everything build probably won’t be able to though but other build is always good in 2k is a 3&D wing or guard

I’ll make a shooting paint beast, who knows maybe it’s possible without restrictions :rofl:

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Ye you can , now inside Centers shoot from the logo , play crazy defense and dunk on everyone . This game is like that