What Is Going On

Every single Middleton is at 20K bid and not a single one has extra HOF badges. Look at the bottom bar to see how long I’ve been scrolling. All are the same


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Someone is probably just really bad at price fixing.

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It has been going on for a few days. Not sure who won all of these cards and why they keep them at 20K. Every so often they have a lower starting bid in the middle of the pack. I wonder if they ever sold any?

i saw this the other day. i picked up like 7 when he was 12k… and i sold them all for 19500

New blake agenda, people price fixing cards again


Yeah I literally watched someone buy all the season rewind cards from under 16k and I sold most of mine for 18k

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Blake is worth 20k lol.

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now today I saw 25+ khris middletons for 16k. No Middletons for 15,950, none for 16,050. All 16k flat. Someone bid on mine for 18k, so i was confused :thinking:

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Someone bought a bunch of Middleton for cheap and is now dumping them for profit. Just dump your Middleton for lower than 19.5k (or whatever the dumb attempted price fixing is) and make profit.

I just bought beasley + shoe infinity for 28k

Its because some people are watching all the cards end because they are not good at looking cards up. I’ve seen it so many times over the years it doesn’t faze me. So What I use to do was buy up all the new ruby’s for bid price of up to 200 more then the ruby’s quick sell price. Then I would price them all at 5-20 k and sell a lot for around 5-7 k.