What is exchange card?

If I’m not mistaken it’ll give you 15k xp next season

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Wow. That would be awesome!!

It doesn’t give 15k xp, only winning showdown tier in unlimited gets that.

It’s a card that can be added to the exchange. I believe if you add 5 you get a diamond consumables pack.

Yes. I got 5 of them. Traded them in and got a Diamond Adidas base shoe. Huge L

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Are you sure. I have gotten six in total from TTO. One is locked in my collection, the other 5 I used in the Exchange. I’m thinking the locked one is the XP for next season

i think you can also use them towards anything in exchange that nèeds diamond cards almost like a wild card or something

Yup totally sure, the 15k xp for next season comes from winning showdown tier in unlimited. This is what it looks like.


Very cool, I wonder why my Exchange card is locked in my collection. Thanks for confirming.

How did y’all get that diamond exchange?

I got on triple online at the top of the ladder. Then dropped 3rd ball on it

Got 6 from Triple Threat Online Tier 2 and Tier 3. Not very common. Have only seen them 3 times on about 10 boards.