What is everyone doing with their PD from locker codes?

would it be best to complete the set? Sell them now or hold for later?

Wait… what? I must need to be brought up to speed.

Check threads there’s a locker code for 25 to 50k Mt and a free guaranteed 20th Anni aside from Jordan

Got Blake, the last one I wanted. Don’t care of ben or ai, and saving sg for Kobe.

Already had magic and giannis so I’m pretty happy that I have top 3 20th Anni series 1 imo

Played one tto game with Blake after I got him and he is unreal.

Thinking back on it he is probably the most annoying player to face in TTO lol. I’m probably selling all my players anyways but Blake isn’t a bad pull.

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Got Blake as well but I already had him. Not sure if I should sell him now when the AH is flooded with PDs

PINKD-55555-BBBBB-22222-FFFFF for a 20th Anniversary PD card

Much appreciated, @PopThieve.

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Nothing because my code didn’t work. But hey at least I didn’t get Ben Wallace am right? Lol

Probably keeping but trynna snipe the last 3 cards I need

I just did… fml.

Wait what free PD? Just woke up

Hey man the best I can tell you to do is hold on to it for a bit and hope his value goes back up

Yeah, I might just throw him on the end of my bench for a glue guy when needed. He’s already under 60k.

RIP to all these poor souls that have these high bids in for these cards that are ending soon.

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Orange cp3.xtbe shoe the way to go?

Good call. He’s not an awful player by any stretch and I think his value will recover somewhat in the future. There’s just way too much supply of him on the market now to get any real value out of him

I got PD AI, prolly gonna use him he seems fun.

He is bro I’m telling you

Posted this in the other thread before I saw this but… got Magic from the drop and think I’m going to try to sell him and Steph for Giannis

Got AI struggling if I want to sell or keek. Give me advice guys
He’s not cracking starting 5 right now