What is all star Magic going for now?

Thinking of selling mine. He has a white kobe ad mid.

I put mine up with the foams on Friday morning for buy now for 88 thousand.

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Damn. I got like 140 from mine like a week ago lol

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Yeah. I sold another one for 150 around that same time as well.

PS4 non-shoe ones going for about 65k. There’s one with diamond contract up for 70

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crazy. everything crashed.

Not much.

Lmk what he goes for OP cuz I wanna sell mine lol

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got one for 50k with kobes and contract during crash, sold for 90k

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My kid took the shoe off and replaced it with Diamond Jordan dunking shoe! Ugh. haha I put him up for 68k with a contract.

The kid or magic?