What in the auction house?!?! True life shambles story

I finally broke down and sold my fully Evo opal Ben w/ pink adidas and unlimited contract after 351 glorious games. I got a whopping 598k I just saw a comparable Simmons go for 898k what in the…shambles :expressionless:


Some of those top-flight cards you just get lucky if two or more people are REALLY impatient to get the card and outbid each other.


I’m not really sure that qualifies for a shambles like scenario.

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I understand that however I’m seeing naked ones go for 650k+ unevo’d it’s a slap in the face.

Imagine you posted that auction during the glitch and only got 100k for it


I ve bid on a card and lost my MT xD this game is so bad

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@element that would have been rip 2k20 for me lol

How much you lose? @Pedronqneves


u mean went missing? back out and load back in. it might be there

Could’ve been a lot worse. Another guy posted a screenshot of his GO KD selling for 143k.


This aint shambles. This is getting robbed by 2ks bs.

I ve done it already and nothing , i ve bid on the card it was not the higher bid and the MT disappear xD

I for sure thought this was what the thread was about


that’s so trash lol

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Is the auction house still acting strange? Noticed there were only a few big named cards at like the 3hr 50 mins mark but nothing sooner

I guess it could be worse. That’s my takeaway from all this.

Quicksell a shoe or injury card or something

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There goes the auction house

On PS4 the highest I’ve seen is 650k. Got 630k ish for mine earlier this week, I’ll take that. Not sure where you’re seeing 850