What if madden was like 2k

I will be brainstorming and making up things that will obviously never happen, so if you don’t have time for that, leave now.

Anyway, so what if madden looked at their reddit page glossing over 2k and decided, “Hmmm, let’s give them what they want.” Well today I will just be doing QB functions, so let’s go.


Madden keep the buttons over the receivers head, but you have to hold the button of the receiver down to fill up the meter. Usually, the shorter the pass, the higher the green window will be. The earlier your timing is, it will be more of an overthrow. The later your timing is, it will be more of an underthrow.
Slightly earlies and slightly lates will still usually be enough to be accurate though.


Now, in Madden there are 4 different QB archetypes. Field general(stand in pocket, lose accuracy at 20+ yards),strong arm(deep passes, best at 20-45 yard passes), improviser(mobile, gets out of pocket, makes precise medium passes, best at 10-30 yard passes) and Scrambler (extremely mobile, great juke moves, but can barely throw past 10 yards)

We’re gonna use the pie chart system like 2k’s.

Now, there are some cheesy builds that can made here. For example:
Improviser/Scrambler, which is basically the yellow/red chart of madden. This build gets speedboost jukes,(thats a thing I made up) and doesn’t get to throw as long, but is an average 10-25 yards thrower.

Pure Strong arm: You know why this would be cheese.

Field General/ Improviser
This build is ok at throwing deep, decent at getting out of the pocket because of the improviser in there, decent scrambler, but this build is a GOD AT MEDIUM PASSES. 10-20 yard passes all day baby.

First and obviously, there has to be a replicate of curry slide. For madden it will be… the Lamar slide. Anybody who has scrambler in there archetype can have it. Next you got the fades from next gen. For this, improvisers will eat as they green fade-away passes. The equivalent to rim running will be QB run every play with a pure scrambler. Those playshots who green everything in park? Strong arms will be greening a lot as well.


We are bringing the takeover meter over from 2k. For example, if you are a scrambler, long run yards= more takeover, touchdowns equal= 4 letter of progress!

Sharpshooter: Mainly for strong arms, you hit standstill 25 plus yard passes at a very high rate.

Pass creator: Mainly for improvisers: You can avoid sacks easily and green fade-away medium passes.

Flash: Mainly for scramblers, you get elite juke moves and truck animations.

Playmaker: Mainly for field generals, you get very accurate throwing on 1-20 yards passes inside the pocket.

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I haven’t played MUT in a few years but if I remember correctly it’s more about glitching out the CPU than anything.

Cool ideas though. My friend and I have a pretty awesome connected franchise. It’s very competitive.

Thank you!

yea madden has been my main game for a while and it is a lot more about preplay and glitching out the cpu then user skill. In my opion it is a lot easier to get good at madden then 2k because 2k takes a lot more practice in order to gain user skill (greening and dribbling) while in madden a couple of yt plays and a hour in practice mode can make you much better than the average player.

My first 2k was 17, yeah it took me so long how to even shoot accurately

yea i think i have more hours on 2k but im still average, while in madden i would say im pretty above average.

Having a throw meter would make it much more difficult

NFL2k5 is the greatest football game ever made, nothing comes close. Arguably the best sports game.

Ya, there is a YouTube named kingwolfe who I used to follow when I played madden.

Some of his plays are literally unstoppable and are two reads.

Let me guess, slants?

more like beaters for every coverage that are just auto touchdowns

Well why would someone want to do the same play over and over

idk i cant say im not guilty of it myself, although when i did play cheesy it usual wasent the same play but a whole scheme of good plays

Yeah I rely on my defense to get stops.

What build would you choose for your QB? I would choose improviser/scrambler for those fade-away medium passes

yea that would be op, strong arm could also be deadly

Those cheesy pure strong arms would be everywhere

MUT is a superior ‘MyTeam’ mode. There’s no way around that.

The gameplay… dunno… But the mode itself as a card collecting, team building experience… MUT wins hands down.

It’s also infinitely cheaper.


Yeah, 2k’s career mode is better though

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What madden “build” would you go with

I played mut since it began it so bad now. Ea is the worst company in America for a reason :laughing:. They either don’t care or they are simpletons.

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