What if GO Magic was in the ASW promo

GO Magic as the reward. Would PD Magic drop in price? And how likely is this to happen?

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Bro never do that to me again

I nearly had a heart attack


Insta lock for go magic

The PD end up at 50k


lol i said what if

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Well I would sell my ass for this card


Working the corner :rofl:

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PD magic is already low , why twist the knife in deeper

An off ballers wet dream

You mean why not

DD with worthy giving them both all 99 stats

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go glenn robinson

And I have my end game duo

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Nope , I have a soft spot for the PD

Yeah, but, All Star Magic would have like a 90 open 3

I would rather have current players get better all star cards mixed in with the players of the past , not the same players from 2 months ago

But that was a legendary moment. He has to be the reward. Vince will be a 98 pd

ASW Promo threads are the new PD kobe FUCK. enough already

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Ask shake , he is apparently a member here now

96 Kobe too

lol when did this happen