What hof badge you get from the new signature challenges?

is it random or set?

I got Off Ball Pest from the Parker challenge.

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Pro Touch from Parker and Difficult shots from Wade.

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Break starter from candice parker challenge

ok, looks like it’s random, with possibilities lol

Lmfao I got the exact same. I put the Difficult on Derozan

I got Downhill and Putback Boss…not bad since I didn’t have either so I’ll take it, thanks 2k

Break starter from Parker and Difficult Shots from Wade.

Pro Touch and Difficult Shots


i got off ball pest and fade ace.

Triple threat juke and green machine

Personally speaking , do you find TT Juke to be effective in any way ? Like do you notice the difference , my wall has it but I’m not sure if I notice anything different

difficult shot and off-ball pest … meh

Never actually put it on someone before. Not really sure if it is ever useful.

Do you ever see it pop up on screen though ? It would be mid dribbling so I’ve never noticed it personally

Damn, looks like most badges are L’s. I mean it’s obviously nice because it’s free but has anyone pulled something like QFS or Blinders/Limitless so far?

Not really, but I rarely pay attention.

i got putback bum

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Fade ace and break starter. Tough to get anything worse than that.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had this 1 curse in 2k where when I get a defensive rebound I press Y too many times and my big that just got the rebound proceeds to throw the ball at the halfcourt circle like he’s spiking a football , when trying to pass the ball up the floor , and it almost always goes out of bounds , but I’ve found when said passer has HOF break starter , more passes actually make it to the hands of a teammate , so for me it’s def not worthless , but I know what you mean and fade ace is def worthless , but this just means ur due for something good next time , or atleast that’s what u would tell myself lol

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