What have you regretted doing the most In this years myteam?

For me it would have to be locking in for opal kat not that’s he’s bad it was just a terrible value back when he first came out even still the only card I still use is magic from the set. And also finishing all 1000 game’s of offline tto for terrible reward cards


Locking Ray Allen but god he was so good when he first came out but I would love to have my million mt I spent back.

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Trying to stay competitive in the first 2-3 months of the game. Loads of wasted MT.


Wasting so much MT on packs and resulting in nothing


Locking in moments of the week 11 for pd jokic


Not playing in the beginning

started the game late had no idea what I was doing and opened some packs and got OOP LeBron, Campus Magic and Melo and most of the Frostbite collection and immediately locked in Thon, KAT, and Eaton :joy: to this day Bron is my best pull too :joy::joy::joy:


Locking in every moments of the week

i dont have a regret

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  1. Buying VC instead of MT
  2. Locking for PD Jokic.
  3. Locking the Lonzo and Klay flash sets - they don’t even sniff the lineup.
  4. Locking for Dwight.

See a trend?

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Spending 3 Mil MT on packs;
Locking in for GO Dwight Howard. Man, what was I thinking, that card is absolute ass.

I can’t help but regret all the time I spent doing offline grinds, I did them all including Brandon Roy. In the end it was all a waste of time because at this point I’ve replaced most of them with better (by fact or opinion) cards that all cost less then 100k each. I have 2 goat cards that I don’t even play because there’s better Sg/sf available then Kobe, and cheap, and as good as Steph is, we all know it’s just not the meta this year.


Evoing kidd and kareem. Buying vc

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Spent way to much money…and i mean way to much…only bc I wanted the best cards the game had to offer bc I’m a cheeseball …damn these goat cards


I regret caring about tokens



i regret not learning how to snipe earlier in the year

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Locking in for Scottie. Great on D but doesn’t make my best squad, plus could’ve had 1.5-2 mil more MT if I had sold Takeover Giannis a month ago.


Evolving players for countless hours only to use them for about two games after.


I regret trying to play the game an ‘honorable’ way by on-balling and other stuff for most of the year :sweat_smile: