What has happened to these goat prices

Dropped phone in bath so it’s been drying out for 2 days so haven’t been on here

Everyone was saying these would be cheap lebron and giannis over a mill is not cheap

Never listen to everyone.


Never drop the phone in the bath


They came out in VC only packs which meant that the market was always going to be hight for them


The odds for PG Giannis and Lebron are terrible, there are so few of them on the market so they are price fixed


My 2nd time m8 thank god for water resistant iphones

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Amen to that :pray:

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They might have recycle content on monday, probably guaranteed plus Locker codes

Yeah to be fair tho those are the only 2 cards that have that kinda value and it’s cheat code giannis and the goat, mj only lower because he came out and obviously people have pulled him

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TMAC KD are expansive aswell

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It’s also the end of the game and people are going to spend whatever MT/VC they have left. I started Friday with just shy of a million MT and bought: Yao, Harden, NIB Kawhi, GOAT T-Mac, and all the cheap GOATs like Bill, Timmy, etc.

I mean, why save any of it? :partying_face:

saw a sf giannis for 819k with a minute left what the hell is going on

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Visual glitches. I’ve been bidding on Giannis cards for like 1.1 million for the last 6 hours, i get outbid every time. Almost all Giannis cards end at 1.6 million right now, so i have stopped for the moment.

edit: Oh, just saw you mentioned SF. It must have been outside of a bubble, with contract+shoe?

if u keep using ur phone while bathing at least make sure it is not charging.

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I bought pg lebron for 1.02m and pg giannis for 850k a while ago in xbox. took a lot of time to win the bidding war.

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Was on the nba app putting in locker codes was trying to take the shower pack method to the next level


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nah one contract and no shoe lol

These packs are VC only?

The guaranteed ones are