What has been your best pull from TTO pull other than shoes and contracts?

Curious to know what you guys got from this day in history(other than Jordan), A.I and moments packs that is any good. Anyone get any diamond players?

15 tokens

Tokens is it. Packs have been lit dog shit

I got Amy Kawhi in an AI Anniversary pack last week, my best pull all year

Reading comprehension. I completely only read the first part of the thread title.

Hmmm, 1000mt, 10 tokens, a 20th anniversary pack, and throwback packs. Hit each a few times.

100 mt

1 token and like a shit ton of 100 mt

What time do you play ? And players you play with?

I used to play a lot during the day and then when things got a little busier for me I would play in the latter part of the evening for like two hours straight. Literally back to back games. I amassed a fucking ton of MT in TTO. I used Finley, Gerald Wallace, and Gugliotta. Then I got Manu and he took over for Finley. I used Manu and Finley as primary scorers/playmakers. Wallace and Gugliotta shot lights out for me, so they were pretty much just spot up shooters.

Ooh yeah I do see a lot of easier games in the morning coz not a lot of kids play then . I have to try that , is there any effect of the ovr of players you use to the competition you get matched with ?

Not at all. You’ll see a mix of squads.

Bummer . Anyway I will change up my squad and give it a shot

I have only been matched up with tryhards , that takes away so much of the fun

Poor matchmaking luck :confused:

Thats when you get diamond contracts and dont give af anymore if you win/lose (but you wanna win prioritize winning lol)

Absolutely. All of my starters had contracts. Easily saved so much MT

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Diamond White Kobe AD

15 tokens once