What happened?

This year was supposed to be the year of the sim. At the start everyone was talking about how finally b-ball iq is important for my team, now a few months later all of that shit has gone down the drain

I think everyone predicted that once cards got juiced that the sim level will go way down. And 2k gonna 2k to make money

It was month and a half till shit started going down HARD.

Im still running plays

Well 2K went 2K

Still way better than last year if you ask me. 5 out zig zag was the ultimate cancer.


This is 2k18 all over again except instead of blow by its hella contested 3s going in

Except they did bring zigzagging, keep releasing more and more cards with base 11, reduced shot contest, increased bump stealing and so on and on. ITs not just more OP cards.

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Zig zagging around screens is the worst

2k18 was the absolute worst. I can deal this year

Base 11 really says a lot about the direction they are going.

The difference between 2k18 and 2k19 is that 2k18 was shit and 2k19 is shit with drips of chocolate on top of it.

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What makes this year worse to me is that 2K chose to help casuals who don’t know a damn thing about basketball and are too lazy to train so they will just complain its too hard

2K did good with the shot contest buff, they erased it 3 days after. They clearly want to promote this way of playing

Bro in the words of the famous Biggie Smalls

It was all a dream…

My only problem with this game is the equalizer, it’s annoying af

Lol year not sim but anything beats last year, zig zaggin up the court, no such thing if defense outside of off ballin as double teaming and playing Madden defense basically… sub glitch, man i can go on for days but then again this year you basically got to play a boring cpu off ball game because anyone playing serious gonna off ball you the whole damn game.

Know what they both 2k18 and 2k19 fucking trash now I think about it lol.

This year you dont even have to be open. They cant make this game easier

100% agree with OP but this post is about 4 months late. Try other game modes outside my team for sim experience.