What happened to Beyond 40 Agendas?

Any idea why 2K stopped Beyond 40 agendas and prizes? It is so easy to get to Level 40 now quickly, they really should have something to continue the journey. Also, the RNG rewards (as well as the rewards otherwise) or so good that it would be great if they did an option back like they use to have.
There is so much XP available that I am not sure what the point is and it would be good if there was something that it could be used for. Doing the agendas, at least for me, is one of the best things in the game.

It is easier to get to 40 and you can do it literally without buying packs.

When they put something into the game they generally take something else out. So, the 2 week grinds, the bracket busters event, these things replaced Beyond level 40

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