What GOAT Card Should I Go For In Sniping?

Which cards have been popping up the most for y’all? I really want to try and snipe Yao but I don’t know how much he will pop up. Is he consistent?

yao, magic, jordan. if you want the big bucks you could do a giannis or lebron goat filter and both the sf and pg cards will pop up

Yao pops up a lot? If so I actually rlly want him on my team once my auctions are done I’ll have around 500k.

ive seen him on the thread a solid amount. not more than magic or mj tho so if you want consistency go for those 2

Ok thanks

Yesterday 3 People sniped GOAT T-MAC including me.
This was zthe first 2 hours of the packs. i dont think he will appear so much often from now on