What games to carry me over until 2k20?

I was perfectly fine with playing 2k19 until Aug/Sept for 2k20, but this auction house server shit made me lose my momentum and now I’m basically done. What games would you guys recommend to carry me over until 2k20?

I was thinking COD Black Ops 4. But for some reason on amazon, they’re not selling any digital versions for xbox one. Only the physical copy for $30. I see a digital copy on xbox store but it’s $59 and it’s the spectre version, whatever that is

I play Dead by daylight, Gran Turismo Sport, Red Dead Redemption (a little)

I downloaded PUBG and it was boring AF

Read books.

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i can’t read

I like Star Wars battlefront and battlefield both are good. Fortnite is good for a free game

Madden coming out July 30

I used to be a huge madden player. But I feel like it’s hard to play both madden and 2k at the same time since they both suck you in so much

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I run it hard for a month and a bit till 2k comes out, then when i want some good offline stuff i just hop into it, not running much if any online there, so that’s that.


Sorry saw you’re on xb1