What Finals Spotlight everyone doing first?

Wanting to go for Gasol but there’s a few that tempt me a lot. McHale would be nice as well, whats everyone doing first?

not sure it works like this but if it does mchale -> gasol -> pierce -> rodman -> battier




Yeah they let us go for whatever one every time last time. Hopefully its not 15 a player though cuz im out then

Ain’t even a contest, Marc Gasol. Then probably Pierce

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Pierce no doubt, the Celtics lineup is already built

The worm

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McHale, Pierce, Rodman, Grant, in that order.

After that, I’ll just grind it out for Bird in any order!


mchale then pierce then grind the rest and pray my adhd doesn’t kick in 30 minutes in

Marc looking insane though! Is remember his evo card in the Jeremy Lin Spotlight was pretty good

McHale and then Rodman bc those are the two I could potentially use on my real team so I wanna use them in the next challenges

Opal McHale no question. Dino with range? Yes please.

I’ve been begging for this card.


Would you play McHale at the PF?

Gasol, pierce, mchale, rodman…in that order

Gasol, McHale, Bowen,

Depends on your offense

For me he’s a Center bc I need my PF to be super fast and push the ball as well as hit HOF Range shots

But if your offense doesn’t rely on that and puts the PF in corners then he will do well there

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Starting 5 (Opal Giannis is my 4) or back up 4/5.

He should have those long Dino arms and he can get 97 Lateral Quickness with a shoe he should be a terror on defense.

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Will be pippen on defense for me i still run the 98 lol

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maybe McHale first I’m too giddy right now lol

I preached about McHale last year, might have been the first here to get him