What does TMac drop to eventually?

Title. Have 920k with Moments Giannis I can sell but want to save as much as I can. PS4

Eventually he’ll be sub 100k, but not for a few months


i’d be careful and cop asap tbh. Most people are locking for malone so my prediction is his price will drop to about melo’s (ps4 about 700k) but then will steadily rise. best time to buy will probably be monday off hours.

Well obviously I’m not waiting months. I mean in the near future (this week)

I thought the eventually part meant long term

Oh no sorry guess that title is confusing. Any predictions for this week?

No clue

Last year his price dipped a ton after his PD came out.

Im literally torn on this. Everyone is locking Malone but the cards only get better so the next Opal Reward is going to be a gamebreaking card. Just give me an Opal Manute Bol 2k. Just a truly over powered card lol.

But yeah Im curious to see the next Opal. Malone is a god but whats next?

The AH comparison for this card is Melo, so it doesn’t look promising to get cheap anytime soon. Maybe if signature dirk comes in two weeks people will want Malone less. Lots of people locking in and terrible pull rates on this card.

What’s he going for currently? PS4

At work so no idea. I think his price is gonna rise because there will be less available so like homeboy above said, you might wanna cop in the next couple days if you can.

I don’t think the next opal would be a pf tho, that would make it three in a row. Maybe a guard

But thats what 2k does tho. Release all the same cards in a row. Look at kd/larry/lebron/vince/clyde/melo.

Next will be an opal kareem i reckon.

2k could drop a 98 kobe next week and mess the whole
Market up… always remember that
As it stands with melo still being 450-500 I see tmac being around that once new content drops like even anniversary pg could make tmac affordable

I don’t people are thinking about the GO Malone. That alone will keep his price up for a long time. Oscar is a good reward, but nowhere close to Malone.

Lol at GO kobe…im soery but only tall players matter…just like pd kobe is barely being used when you have better options…Opal porzingis and now you are talking…kobe is not in the meta.

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Sadly a 99 bron kobe and mj would not be as op as last year. Will still grab but not as op as some of the cards now. Malone is basically a opal lebron without the hof shooting badges and dimer

I doubt tmac drops that much in the next 3 weeks. Big diff between oscar and malone

I’d budget at least 800k the way things are looking