What does Magic's Price settle at?

I’m not crazy excited on this card, but still wanna add to the Laker Squad at the end of the cycle lol

Got 800k ATM

Think that’s enough to get Magic and Shaq? (I have all cards aside from Harden and KG)

I think so if you wait long enough

Harden is about 190k, Magic will probably be no more than 400k, and KG is completely up in the air. A lot of people don’t like his release but he’s needed for Shaq. Maybe 600k?

Since alot of opals are already pretty cheap, and that his 98 PD is bin, I see the first one ending for around 900k and then it will go down to 600k

I have GO Kareem that I’ll sell to buy KG if needed

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I have around 1M100k, and I still got Paul George to sell in case I don’t have enough for Bird lol

I think Harden will go down also, I shoudl have bought him yesterday when he was like 150k

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In the end Shaq is more priority, if I can afford this Magic, hell yeah, if not, AS Magic works, and I start Lonzo for his Stopper/Dimer Combo

I was really afraid that Magic was going to get a token card, that’s why I wanted to get Shaq, for the 3k tokens

Now I don’t give a damn about Shaq, I already have the Lakers PD

IF they release a way to get the PD Shaq…I’m all for it!

But i missed on the drop =[

It REALLY messed my weekend up lol

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But if Opal shaq is Juiced AF, then I won’t be too mad lol

I really don’t see them giving Shaq a 3pt

Ben is a sophomore, Shaq is an icon that is known for dominating without any shooting ability. That would be ridiculous

I’ve been having so much fun in the post drop stepping everyone to death with Kareem

Can’t imaging Shaq just drop stepping every one like Chris Dudley

550k today, 450k 2 days later.


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