What does floor general actually boost?

What does floor general actually boost?

Does anyone know about it? What I only know it’s that my Karl Towns gets +2 swb from Magic’s HOF floor general…


I don’t really think it’s +4 for HOF FG… my KAT only got +2 from it.
(Wrong )

Okay I finally find out … When I put Opal Oscar(HOF FG) and Opal KAT &Garnett on court . They all have +4 at there offensive attributes (includes Oscar himself)

Floor general doesn’t boost speed with ball, its counted as a physical stat.

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Yes I know after figuring out

could you list the offensive attributes?

i think we talked about this before, and there wasnt really an outcome.

@carsyncruz even made a video about it

Shooting and finishing

Thats what my Towns’ got from HOF FG and also sharp shooting takeover

Also I got a crazylight boost 2014 shoes on it.
And Coach is Terry Scott

So, if I have a point guard with HOF floor general and a Diamond coach that boosts, let’s say 3pt rating, there is no point buying any player with 3pt rating over 90, right?

Let’s say for example I got a Kareem his 3 is 79 so after the HOF FG it becomes to 83 and with Terry Scott(+4 3pts) the final stat is 87.(No shoes)

just to confirm tho, this was at the start of the game, and not due to in game boosts right?

i remember doing this maybe a month or 2 ago, and none of the stats were actually up

No it was at the end of the game, it’s like at first it’s the original stats, and if you get a shot from assist your stats will+1 and the maximum of HOF FG is +4

Nobody knows what it does, if fg does anything . You can’t prove it. Because you can’t see stats anywhere. All this changed stats are either from coach, (reaching) takeover, or shoes.

I know what 2klabs say… But they never said how they found out.

As well as difficult shot badge… They say for example, bronze difficult shots boost midrange +1. I think that’s bs.

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Easiest thing to find out should be to check if you can speed boost on a player, by adding another player with fg.
Before and after. I tried… At the beginning of 2k.
And there was no difference.