What Do You Want Improved In 2K20

To the people who are already geared for 2K20, what do you want improved?

I personally want steals to be improved. I don’t want butt steals or lunge steals to happen, alongside with the flash bang animation you get stuck in

Only way I’m back in my team is a huge overhaul to micro transaction costs.

Gameplay wise, I’m a sim player so I’d love them to remove HOF badges and the takeover nonsense. Also realistic ratings. Essentially give me 2k16 myteam and I’ll be ecstatic.


I am not coming back , this is too much of a time sink.

Improvements wise - I hope to see they go back to realistic ratings like 2k15 or 16 as @trala pointed out . Heck even 17 was way more realistic than this.


I want the game to automatically switch the user to the defender that’s guarding the ball handler. If people want their freedom to off-ball there should be a separate league for that.


Im okay with hof badges but certain cards shouldnt be able to get certain badges. Id be okay with that. If there was no glitches i would of been done with this game ages ago lol i wouldnt be able to keep up

I don’t think it can go back to that model. The present game of the same players getting better cards is making more money than the old model, I believe.

In 2k16 you could argue the day-1 Harden was the year’s best Harden. And 2k16 based most of the cards on yearly statistics.

I won’t play 2k20 with the present model because it will be the same players meeting the same OP end (ex. McGrady slowly getting bumped to 99. …and it’s silly; Mcgrady’s best season was actually OP, sticking to the numbers.)

This silly model of dozens f players with perfect attributes is good for one cycle, but if you play it several times, you are an irredeemable addict—ha!

I mean, I’m an addict(I’m on this site months and months after release), but just like skipping 2K17 and 2k18, I’m not playing the next game. It’s like getting in the car and going back to the guy that sold you the shitty drugs


Oh yeah I know they will never go back, not when they’re making the kind of money they are from this model. Such a shame (for us), more and more they will lose real basketball fans and gain casuals.

What do I want to improve?

The respect this company has for their customer

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fix simple modes glitches & settings issues

rep system like park

record & leaderboard for mtu/tto

Zigzagging just needs to be removed as an effective method to score.

I honestly feel like the passing lane steals need to be toned down a bit. Some of these players seem to have eyes on the back of their heads.

TTO defense really needs to be fixed. It is so easy to just drive and kick.

I really think paint defense needs a huge improvement. I always have my bigs putting up one hand like they’re contesting a jumpshot under the basket, or not even attempting to make contact with someone driving to the basket.

I think there needs to be way more skill gap in all game modes. To me I think it is way too easy to be good in this game, with little skill required.


Fix the auction house. Please for the love of god

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Position lock is a must have, realistic stats (even the best Shaq card just can’t have a 3 ball), stop that bump steals lose ball BS, nerf off-ball as much as possible, invest in real servers, real respect for the community. That sounds simple in theory but it’s 2k so …

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Realistic attributes. Should honestly just remove badges entirely and make attributes and tendencies the ultimate factor in how a card plays. Maybe keep the personality ones like floor general etc… If they go that route then they should also make limitless range a personality badge. They also need to fix the legacy issues like body blocks and rebounding.

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I will play 2k20, just not till may when they start releasing 99 Overalls. No point in opening packs for cards that will be replaced by 99s in May and June


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I play both mycareer modes and myteam.
And unless there are some huge changes, I’m not coming back. No way. I’m not one of those people that gets fooled by their false promises. My last game played was on 1st of June, so there’s that.

Idk where to start, gameplay or their business model?
If not for VC glitches in both 2k18 and 2k19, we’d need like a month of heavy grinding to get decent overall on myplayer. Meanwhile, you could do the same with few clicks and spending real money.
That’s not how supposedly competitive games work.
In myteam you can waste money on literally a million of VC and not get anything.
Rewards are subpar compared to buyable cards. Ranking system doesn’t exist. Gameplay promotes heavy cheese and as the season goes on it becomes garbage because cards just get ridiculous.

Gameplay? Where do I start?
Not being able to pump fake without someone’s ass stripping the ball?
Being able to shoot more than 50% from 3pt with ~50 rating?
Rebounding system being broken?
Layups get heavily contested in big vs small mismatches, but unless you literally foul someone (by real nba rules), you’re not getting a heavy contest on a jumpshot. And contests are really inconsistent.
Passing being random.
Not being able to hold onto the ball even while holding postup button and not moving after a rebound.
And so on…

But the biggest issue is the community.
We’ll all complain on this and many other different forums and social networks, but when the time comes, 95% of the playerbase will still buy the game again.
We’ll complain about AH being unusable for a week, but when they drop Shaq with 90 3pt rating it will be a “fire release”.
I love fantasy aspect of myteam, but genuinely can’t understand how can someone enjoy shit like Shaq having 90 3pt or Dave Cowens being able to speedboost with base 11 shot on top of that.
Until we stop being spineless addicts that buy all the shit they throw at us, nothing will change.

Btw, there’s like a dozen competitive games that have more gameplay improvements with free patches than we had since 2k17.
The exact same engine with a couple new animations and gimmicks.

I’m fine with hof badges, but there should really be a handful of people with each HOF badge. I’m also a sim player, and honestly my team just isn’t made for sim players. It is a fantasy mode and 2k has no qualms about it. When I go and play in online myleague or PNO it is very evident how the mode is balanced around realistic stats (as it should) and playing with basically perfect players just isn’t how the game was made to be played.

Make Veronica more accessible

2k should have an algorithm that doesn’t allow you to keep getting duplicate cards in packs, I pulled 4 Dirks that are unsellable apparently nobody wants to buy them. I spent 300 dollars never got KG and am stuck with tons of Sprewells, Cassels and Dirks nobody wants to buy.