What do you think about Rachel demita [title edited]

I know I would

Are you 12?


Is that a yes or no

She seems like a cool girl that would smoke a blunt with you, but I don’t think she’s amazingly gorgeous or anything. I mean, she’s not ugly whatsoever, but that booty is too pancake.


Her Face is beautiful, but yeah she is very skinny if she was even a little thicker she’d be a 10 IMO

KD hit that too

Two skinny bitches

Dude firstly she wouldn’t ever fuck you… 2nd she’s like 14… and I don’t find her that attractive… she’s got no body which isn’t exactly a deal breaker but she doesn’t have the face to make up for the lack of body. She seems cool to chill with as like a little sister type of friend but that’s about it

Hey man you don’t know me :slightly_frowning_face:

Peep my football highlights then say she wouldn’t top me lol

Lmao she’s older then 14

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I don’t need to know you lol… You just pointed out she riding the snakes anaconda dick.

I met her once and in person shes even more beautiful but i think the thing that makes her so attractive is her looks combined with her game/interest in bball, other than that just any normal looking girl to me… to each their own though. She was really nice too!

Yeah that’s true you already know he has a big schlong no homo

Preach homie at some point body isn’t everything and a cute face and a good personality is everything like id give anything for a girl who is interested in 2k and sports In general as much as I am

You said fuck not date so body is def important if you’re attracted to petite girls then fine lol


I would smash if she offered, I probably wouldn’t pursue her tho

Nah I’m definitely not, but she is definitely wifey material I’d take a cool and pretty petite girl as my gf over a thick hoe any day you feel

Wtf no she’s not 14

I feel like that’s the case for most guys for like 70% of women :joy: