What do you suggest?

Im about 250 tokens away from being able to get my 1st PD which I want Timmy. Also I have about 100K MT im sitting on. My current team is below and I love all the cards but I was thinking, would selling curry and locking some sets for Duncan be worth it? Also would selling Curry even net me enough to do so? (Set already completed: Bucks,Pelicans,Warriors and some Throw backs)

Sell Curry, sell Blake, buy Oscar, put Issel or Lucas at starting 4 depending which one you like more, get Mutombo for starting C, move Eaton to the bench ?

Get PD Mutombo over PD Duncan? Blake does actually every I want. He fits my style of play better than Issel and Lucas.

I hear great things about Oscar but im just not a PG post up type of guy. But If I catch him for a steal Im willing to try him out.

Unless you run offense hard thru Duncan, Mutombo is just that much better. He is vacuum cleaner, rim runner, lob city machine. Have you seen his speed ? Put a speed shoe and if you also got D’Antoni its GG! Dude grabs so many rebounds, gets so many blocks. He is Wilt lite on fast breaks, outruns like all C’s so i just throw lobs for him all day, i got all PD’s except Hill and in current state of game his biggest game changer from all reward PD’s.

Damn. I know you were raving about Stockton and Duncan before as well. So Mutombo out shines them both is crazy. Just feel putting all that in a center with no offense game is hard. Duncan can slide into the 4 with a better center release was my thoughts. And with Mutombo I would definitely have to keep Blake around.

Do you know what D. Curry going rate on Xbox?

He is like 150k right now, but on weekend 200k+ should be np. I play quite some thru Duncan post ups so he doing me good, i pulled Stockton from my lineup, i play positional defense and to be truely good with him you have to pickpocket people like crazy, he can lock down Curry and other small guys, but meta already shifting onto bigger bodies, so he is bbq chicken for me.

Wow. thanks for the advice tho.

Hell nah man you pick either grant hill or duncan and put 3pt shoe on them… That mutombo is not that good especially choosing first, but it’s your team :man_shrugging:

There already manu good PF’s there ar no lockdown rim running C’s like Mutombo (other then Wilt)

My duncan is a G at center man so idk what to tell you haha… ive gone against mutombo he’s nothin special

Wish I had hit those 75 tokens last week.

Maybe thats because you play Duncan at C. I play both of them, Duncan PF and Mutombo C, if i shoot, its usually thru 2-3 spot. Dunno man,my Mutombo grabs 12-20 rebs a game, 2-4 blocks and tons of lobs.

Yeah he’s a freak at center mutombo hasn’t done nothin to him yet lol… But yeah i feel you he probably does get mad boards im just saying choosing first man come on if you choose mutombo over duncan you are drunk haha… yeah i run blake at pf and duncan at C

Thats the setup i was thinking. Thats post offense for days

What blake and duncan?


Yeah i been lovin it personally … them two together are freaks :muscle::muscle:

I would save your MT for better big men that are guaranteed to come out. Eaton, Issel, Mo Lucas, and Camby are serviceable at this point in the game. I’m personally waiting for POTM Hakeem, a better Drob, Dwight, or Yao to come out before I splurge on a big.

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I just looked on 2kMtcentral and Blake looks on par with Duncan. Even has more over all stats. I might just take my time and not rush to get him because the next PD PF might be better overall than Timmy.

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Yeah true of course they will always stay making better cards so u have to spend money one way or another lol… i got him earlier tho so its all good haha