What do you guys think

People Wilding on Twitter

There is a reason
that these guys are not NBA Players

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I’ve played with a decent amount of college d1 players, some of them were insane and those guys can’t even sniff a g league spot…

It’s kinda like this I when I was younger used to race dirtbikes professionally, and locally I was a top rider, I’d go to bigger races with 40 guys on it and say 10 of them were national caliber and they simply destroyed me
People like that guy have no understanding the jump it takes to be top level

Damn its crazy how the average Joe’s look at it. They watch too much tv. These guys have crazy amount of strength too

It’s just like the guys yelling at Westbrook calling him names, in their head they think they are better than someone who does it for a living while that guy is sitting there with his dad bod acting like he’s better than anything in this world

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Hey all I know is that I could beat Lonzo in a ft contest

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Draymond’s shooting has never been the same since that happened.

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Stop it !

I’m a Lonzo fan, but his ft is painful to watch, it’s like watching a celebrity throw the first pitch

Money on gob

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The internet is a wonderful place

It’s where fantasies come true

Bro thats a great video. Can’t believe I never saw that

Yall ever seen the video of Scalabrine destroying dudes 1v1 in his open challenge? Know your place

One of the best stories I’ve ever read was about some old guy in a pickup game who was friends with Magic.
It was a long time ago, so there’s no way I find that post, can’t remember where I read it, even.

Some older guy got bullied by some idiots during a pick-up game. But it turned out that he had a certain friend named Magic. This was probably when Magic was 40-45.
The guy who wrote this was a witness, didn’t play.

Basically, Magic shows up, everyone’s shocked and says I’m playing on old guy’s team.
Then just proceeds to destroy everyone and blitz around the court as if he was 25.