What do you guys collect/flip IRL

I’ve been getting into IRL basketball cards but as you know as soon as they hit the shelves, they’re immediately bought out and sold online for a huge profit. What do you guys collect and or flip?

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It’s like the stock market atm. Invest in long term or so some nice flips. This is a crazy year and everything is highly priced, and I can’t see them coming down much. I’ve got a couple zions and ja Morant, but also got some bol bols lol

I’m a property mogul.

And by that I mean I own 1 house that I hope is worth more than I paid in 10-15 years… :crossed_fingers:


does MJ trading cards from the 90s still have value to this day? I’ve got a few of those from way back

Ngl I thought this was @Kheezy316 since they have similar profile pics

Back on topic, no I don’t collect cards in real life, but if I did, I’d Lowkey collect the Giannis cards and see how much they cost in the future

A 1986 rookie is worth like 15k I think. I’ll be trying to find that lol

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I collect friends :joy:

"girl"friends? :rofl:

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Hahaha including that :joy:

Been collecting Kidrobot figurines/art for a little over 10 years now and beer koozies the last few years.

i might need to check prices actually. I even have Grant Hill’s gold rookie card if he became what he was supposed to become, that card could probably fetch thousands :grin:

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Yo i think we do have the same profile pic. That sucks I was looking for a cool pic

Yeah every time I go to a Walmart and target they’re always sold out. I’m not sure where else I could go to get some

Same in Australia. Ppl making 4 times there money just selling the packs is you get them from retail

Yeah it’s crazy right now. I’ve never found any at retail stores. I did find big 3 basketball packs but I don’t think those are good right now

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I’ve been collecting and flipping Yugioh cards for a while now.

Which ones have value? Used to play back then so I should have some cards laying around

If your cards are at least like NM, then if they’re holos from super old sets like Legend of Blue Eyes or Metal Raiders or something like that then they should have good value. If by “back then” you’re talking about the synchro era then a lot of the big name cards in either secret or ghost rare have lots of value.
For the most part, just look at your holos and look at the set they’re from. There’s still a big market for older cards so it’d be best to look through your cards and find the ones that look like they might have value and just see what they go for on ebay.

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Flip ‘em like bricks by restoring ‘em and keep the best pair for myself


I collect posters.

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