What do you expect from PD Blake tonight?

Closer to his moments diamond or this bullshit? https://2kmtcentral.com/18/players/9313/blake-griffin

Short arms and no soul.

For real now, closer to last year’s card, but I expect less defense.

86 ball control

I always sound like a dick when I say this, I really don’t mean too I just like organisation, haha. But this could probably be in the existing thread about the upcoming pack drop…?



Was it confirmed Blake? I thought people were saying Heat era Shaq

It will be one of the 2K cover athletes from the first tier wearing number 32 and we know it’s not Magic. That leaves us with Griffin.

3800 stats HOF poster/lob city

What do you mean first tier? Is 2k6 heat cover Shaq not part of it?

When you go to the collection menu, the cover athletes are divided into tiers. Each of them has a collection reward. The 1st tier consists of Ben Wallace, AI, Magic, Griffin, Giannis and MJ.


Atleast someone understands … i keep seeing it might be shaq like noone knows the collections been there since the game started :rofl:

I expect him to eat my Hill’s nuts.

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@Ddrop You were not supposed to spend this year!

I only spent 50 bucks so far, including the game itself.

I’ll only spend money for: Magic, Pippen, Kareem or Hakeem and that’s if they manage to fix their servers. I won’t pay for stop-motion gameplay.

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@Ddrop Then I guess you were talking about ruby Grant Hill.

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@Ddrop All that for 50 bucks? You’re shitting me.

plus 100 hours or more maybe :firecracker::rofl:
a bit help from support also.

Add hof acrobat and relentless finisher to that.

@Ddrop I guess getting PD Barkley goes a long way with support.