What do yall use, Button or shot stick

I played a little on current gen and for some reason hated the shot timing meter this year, Ive been using shot aiming and had mild success. What do yall recommend? (besides turning off meter)

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does anyone else even use shot aiming?

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I used shot aiming when the game first came out but I use strictly button no meter now.


I use button. shot aiming is just kinda uncomfortable for me


for some reason the button has felt like there is a slight hitch everytime i shoot

Also not sure if i even understand the entirety of how the shot aiming works.


Button but I been messing around with shot aiming on next gen and it is way too easy right now. It’s like how it was on current gen initially but even better lol. Shit is broken if you spam fades.


is the only thing too it just pushing the rs down straight?

or do you have to do like timing at all

That’s one part, but you get another boost if you time the release by tapping l2 or r2 instead of square while aiming. With proper badging, it’s greens for days.

oh dope im try that tonight

You on current or next gen?


Button, no meter

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Gotcha , play some TTO with an elite badged shooter(deep threes+blinders+circus threes) so like Bird, Kiki Vandeweghe , or even Jamal Murray. Scary site.

I think a mixture would be best because off the dribble the stick is better but button is better off the catch. I wish I could get the same “green” animation with shot stick aiming only as I do with meter off though, so I usually just go meter off and button.

Button + No Meter


This is the way

shot stick aiming will go the way of madden’s passing cone, if there is any justice in the world.

I’m a no-meter button shooter for life!

Button and no meter for me.