What Do Should I Be Looking For In A Center?

I’m kind of confused actually, because the cheapest players on the market are ALWAYS centers with “F” 3 Point ratings, but unless you are 5 outing it really doesn’t matter. I need to know what is truly important for the center positon

Short height and the ability to rip the ball (high steal, on ball steal tendency, and HoF pick pocket), high 3PT rating (trailing cheese), and mainly so the opponent feasts on you in the post and only scores 2’s.


@Dasher is on a 50+ win streak in MTU.

What lineups do you use? And what center?

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I’d go for good defensive ability and high athleticism like dwight.

I look for high block, high rebounding. Speed is also nice as is post fade/open mid

I use Hakeem and Marc Gasol… so I guess I like centers who can do a little bit of everything (defend, rebound, shoot, score in post, athletic)

But it really depends on playstyle, although Shaq can’t shoot I’ve had the most fun using him this year

Kareem is so good. I wish I would have never sold him. Puts up 20 points a game without even looking for him to score.

I’m on like a 35+ win streak in MTU also.

I was using Ralph Sampson with a Kobe AD mid shoe.

He was a god for me but now im sitting at 11-0 and I sold him sitting on 1.8 mill. Hakeem is pretty similar.

Depends on your play style. Imo your center doesn’t need to shoot. Shaq is usually the best center in the game once you learn how to dropstep. Wilt is a monster too. I prefer bangers at center if they can’t shoot a mid range of 3 it doesn’t bother me at all I just need them to be good on d and abuse people in the post