What Do I Do Now?

Just started yesterday and need to know what I need to do to really start upgrading my team. Thanks

You redeem all available locker codes?

Go on youtube you will find some “guide” to start myteam. I suggest you to look at the thread “best budget squad” i put some of the best player you can get.

And go twitter myteam get all those lockercode

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Which ones are available? I got a Julius Erving for the Flight School one


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Nice to have u back bro @TheSnowMan

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I just took a shit. It’s great to be back.


Confirmed!! Packs are now Juiced! Snowman’s finished shitting. :joy: :rofl:

As soon as my stomach hurts, I know new content about to drop. Then a :poop: will drop.

You & 2k both dropped a big pile of :poop:today.

Yes. But whatever. 4 cards closer to JR.

Lol im just happy ur okay. Must have been one hell of a shit