What did I do before this?

I started playing 2K last January at 33 years old and it’s the only game I play. I don’t have anything to compare it to but I believe it’s absolutely the worst piece of shit on the market, specifically MyTeam.

  • Servers cannot handle the capacity of its users and it happens on a weekly basis.
  • The odds for pulling good cards are absolute dog shit. I spend more money than 99% of the community and there’s no doubt in my mind that you will be disappointed 19 out of 20 times.
  • Customer service is a joke. I’ve been dealing with them all year with legit complaints and evidence and in every case I’ve walked away disappointed.
  • The equalizer is real. I’ll play games against lesser cards and my players shit the bed. I have no science behind my argument but I know I didn’t just forget how to play my game. My girlfriend even suffers through watching sometimes and agrees “it’s pretty fucked up.”

All that bitching aside, these fuckers got me sucked in. I don’t have a problem and I don’t want advice or suggestions, I just wanted a place to air my frustration. I wish I had a huge platform where I could expose this fuckery and have these fucks on their knees begging for forgiveness.


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U suffer from the same thing all of us do, the love of basketball


Truly the gravest sin of them all


i dont think ive played a game with such bad customer service

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I don’t think I’ve played a game that required any customer service


Start buying MT, i know a lot of folks that play on ps4 or xbox and got tons of money (some of them probably even more then you do) and buy MT, because its cheap as hell and also they can buy whateva cards they want saving all the nerves, money and time dealing with pack “luck”.


Sorry but if you Start Wilt at the 1 you dont love Basketball. You love gaming. So 50%of US love bball the Rest are gamers


Would like to give 28383838383 likes for this. This is the best I’ve ever read to describe the scene


Only people that seem happy are the ones who exploit any and every aspect of the game

Crazy how many people not only complain about this game/say they hate the game constantly yet not only continue to play but literally have an account on 2kGamer. Nobody is forcing you to play if you don’t like the game mode you can try a different mode or try a different game. Simple fix


I like 2kgamer more than 2k19 lol


And on top of everything you said you spend more than 99% percent of people. Man what the hell

You must’ve had a blast in 2k18 cause if y’all wanna talk about a bad game, THAT was a bad game. This years is much improved without a doubt

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I didn’t lol

I want going to buy the game, then I came home from work and it was sitting there ( my wife must like to torture me)

This game is better, and I’m use to facing not stop cheese… I do it at this point for the 1 good game with a normal line up… That’s actually fun lol

I learned constant spending on vc is not the way to go

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The world would be a much healthier place mentally if it was as simple as this. :joy:

Maybe but I couldn’t imagine playing a game mode/game I didn’t enjoy lol tf. Especially if I’m spending money on it. You must like the game or pain. One or the other

Wow well said…

This thread is amazing.