What decision should I make?

Should I lock the Showtime set or OOP 2? I haven’t looked at the OOP 2 cards in depth so Im relying on you guys

Showtime for sure

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not OOP2

KD is way the fuck overpriced

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Showtime it’s not up for debate really
Kareem> players from both sets

I’m seeing double today

Just saw the other topic after I posted this one, my b


Go for Isaac and be different. I’m still waiting on prime 3 before locking anything

Very tempting yet it could be incredibly regrettable

KAJ looks a lot better on paper than Isaac. Depends on your needs but KAJ is going to be the best card in the game this year. I think you get a much more useful group of cards in the OOP2 set though with Isaac, KD, Ak and Bill Russell. I only use KAJ and occasionally Butler from the Showtime set.

Yeah thats what is putting me on the fence. More usefulness from OOP 2 but Kareem is godly so idk

By July/August will the showtime set be much cheaper to buy?

Just buy all the cheap shit now and get Giannis after he’s in superpacks like 200 times

I just locked for Kareem so thats that

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I always knew you were a smart dude

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That Giannis - Kareem frontcourt is going to be a two way juggernaut

Kareem could end up being really expensive for people who didn’t lock him in while it was in packs

There’s only 7 up in the ah on xbox now, its about to be a drought I reckon prices go up