What custom jerseys are you rocking in 2k?

In the spirit of the playoffs and the raptors I decided to mess around with some custom jersey designs.

What jerseys are you rocking on 2k?


I like the concept and the colors , not feeling how it’s put together though .

I respect that. What’s not working for you? I’m kinda diggin’ it

The nba logo looks to big and the Nike logo looks to far down .

I do like the color concept though , might have to steal that from you lol

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Haha for sure go for it. Colors looked sick on the court. I took your advice and messed around with some new designs. I’ll upload in a bit.

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Serious question, why does everybody and their momma need to put SUPREME on everything?
From an outside perspective it is the epitome of a hype beast brand.
They sell the most basic shit, put supreme on it and charge a gazillion dollars for it. Is there anything special about it that I am not aware of?

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I like the font and the color scheme worked.

Don’t u think it’s completely overused and am I assuming right that you are under 25yo?

I’m 25+ and to me it looks cool. Just like adding a nike or adidas logo

Colors are good, but waaaay too many adverts imo.

I am genuinely surprised.

Providence Renegades

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How did you manage to get the logo in the middle with the colours at the waist of the shorts?

How? I gotta have these. Also do you have the court from tgat year. Shit is so fire cuh

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I just put in another layer. Or maybe I didn’t understand your question, sorry :sweat_smile:

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away hom


Like when i try put the logo in the middle it goes behind the waist band and not at the front like you have?

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I’m wondering, as well.