What cards wreck you when you play them, but suck for you?

For me it’s Hedo and Porzingis. I have been totally destroyed by both at times, but they were complete ass on my squad, and I have no reason as to why.

What are yours?

They Don’t wreck me but I suck at Base 11 Shooters. Mostly just 50% shooting from 3


PG and yao

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After previously thinking Hedo was ass and then realizing he was a God Ive realized it’s you not him. I went from his release is too fast to this is the best release in the game and it’s not even close when I practiced it until it become muscle memory for like 25-30 minutes in freestyle

No need to be condescending there, big guy. Let’s not make this into a shit talking ordeal, huh?


ASG Kuzma. He seems way more slow than his rating suggest. Always getting blown by on defense. About to try out diamond Kawhi and see if he can replace his spot in my lineup.

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did u put cp3s on him? he does well for me though.

No, he doesn’t have any shoes. I don’t want to risk wasting MT on shoes though in case he doesn’t improve.

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Try some gold shoes that boost speed/latquick

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AK47. He’s a glue guy for me that makes half his shots but every other AK47 I face has Hedo like offense.

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Lol am I wrong tho? If you can’t use base 11 you should probably learn. Don’t know where I was talking shit

if i get a late release on hedo i start running back on defense

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kobe of all colors

I do great with all of the other base 11’s, and I love quick releases in general. Just got done shooting 9-9 from deep with PD Roy last game. Pretty sure at least 7 of them were greens. For some reason Hedo just gives me full white bricks.

Where you were wrong was saying that “it’s just you”, like I’m some idiot that can’t figure out how to shoot.

Did you forget to read the title of the thread? That’s exactly what it’s all about. We know these cards are good, but for whatever reason they didn’t work as well for you as others, or your opponents.

Same here but now I’m terrible with some of the longer releases lol

Diamond Kawhi this card can’t gaurd pg13 in TTO and can’t shoot contested or open/make free throws

Oh wow, I’ve had the exact opposite results with him. He’s been a savage. Crazy.

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Playing domination rn RUBY Paul George swats him EVeRy TImE!!!

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How do I use him?

I don’t know man. I don’t play TTO. But he’s the ideal 3 and D on the MyTeam squad right now.

I put Foams on him, and he just doesn’t miss when he’s got a little space, and is absolute clamps on D. I made a dude rage quit in the first quarter earlier who thought he was gonna bully with LeBron at point. Put Kawhi on him and it was game over.