What cards have unique animations?

I’d like to compile a list of cards that have unique in-game animations of some sort.

Some that I can think of:

Kareem - Skyhook
Mutombo - finger waggle after block out of bounds
Simmons - running floater hook

Please add ones you know of.

Jamal Crawford layup package

Jordan has a unique dunk package right?

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James Harden

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Bron’s entire offense is signature if im not mistaken


DLO ice in veins after 3

GO Harden has the double step back travel while somehow keeping a live dribble! :laughing:


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that KG has a unique celebration animation after a contact dunk.

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I think I’ve seen Amy Lance playing air guitar after a make in TToffline


Lance celebrations are crazy


KG’s celebrations are great

PD Russ will rock the baby

Shaqs stupid hookshot that I wish he didn’t have sometimes

Ben Simmons running hook shot.

Kobes size up.

Im still mad that 2K removed Giannis’s stomp celebration.

its not removed. its just more rare to trigger it. I have seen it 4-5 times while i was using his glitched and spotlight card.

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thats weird. guess they toned it down since he used it for damn near every dunk

Simmons running hook is actually his layup package
And Simmons has a unique size up package as well.
You can check animations in career or when editing a player in the roster. Some size ups are named by a player. Like Simmons, kobe, durant

Some ore copied to other players. Like Ingram has Durant animations set


Nowitzki has his own jumper, fade way and leaner/moving shot set


Giannis been doing the ray Lewis in tto. Funny thing is I’ve only seen him do it when a teammate scores