What cards from 2k17 had diamonds that didn't get one this year?

I didn’t play last year so I’m just curious. I believe james worthy is one?

Antoine Walker


Jimmer and Hansbrough lol

Lol I dont even think he got an Amy this year smh

2K 17 had a lot of laughable diamonds, I would list more if I wasn’t driving

The only difference is this year there are a lot more laughable pink diamonds


like you know who needs a pink diamond this year? Baron Davis and not Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


I really hope 2K is reading this. There is a lot of good reading material here.

Brad daughtery or whatever his name is lol
No Z bo diamond :cry:

Z bo deserved a throwback Amy at least


Beasty card Rodman

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Rodman with a 3 ball would’ve been nice lol

Yah. How the fuck did tyler hansbrough get a diamond Lol. Im weak

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There’s probably heaps,here a list of diamond cards in 17:


Big z but his Amy is the same rating as his diamond

He was part of the “college” set last year… the card was based on his days at UNC, not the NBA lol. I actually used that card a long ass time last year.

Eric Gordon, McCollum I think

Giannis Porzingi

Chauncey Billups, steve francis, jay williams.

Mark Jackson and Nick Van Exel… we’re not missing anything with those 2 though.

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