What cards do y’all think they’re dropping next?

Title says it all

PD Paul George, Diamond Sabonis, Amy Javale McGee

Diamond J.R,Diamond 97or98Shaq,Diamond billups,Worthy,maybe PD PG13,maybe PD wade,maybe PD Pippin,Diamond Richmond

Praying for a diamond shaq :sob:

PD Rose i feel will happen soon
Maybe a PD for a final promo of the awards winners

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High possibility that PDRose locker code gonna come in soon


I feel hes gonna be a locker code for draft day


Loool 2k that predictable

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Even if there is already a PD Baron Davis,Rose still gonna be one of the best PG’s ingame

I would hope so but his diamond was so disappointing and the locker codes have been a bit lackluster this yr. like lonzo for example

I wonder if we’ll get another random drop like that diamond Issel that came outta nowhere

Hopefully a diamond mike bibby


Yea good thing i got the Kobe code,there hasnt been that much Lockercodes,Ronnie doesnt want it bcuz people hating on the time limit,better to have a lockercode chance than having to be a famous streamer or kissing his ass to get shit

Or diamond white chocolate

Wade is a good possibility for PD.

PD Hakeem or PD Danny Granger are my picks.

PD Westbrook

PD Andris “The Goat” Biedrins…

I’m going to will this in to existence.

Danny Granger is a great left field guess. Would only be slightly weirder than Baron, haha.


PD Duncan, maybe not tomorrow but they will drop him one day, and I’ll buy him for sure