What cards are significantly better on next gen?

I just picked up the game and I’ve noticed people talking about how some cards are better on next gen vs on the ps4/xb1.

Anyone able to share any of the cards that are worth getting on ps5/xsx? Or which already good cards are even better?

I heared giannis is in this case

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Every lebron card
Every kawhi card
Every Paul George card
Ruby Chris Paul
Andrew Bogut
PD Durant
Bol Bol
Amethyst “Mr Inconsistent” Porzingis
Ben Simmons
PD Anthony Davis
Manut Bol
Every Luka Doncic
Shawn Kemp
Diamond Westbrook
Oscar Robertson
Tony Parker (AMAZING on next gen )


Thanks for the list! What makes Tony Parker so good on next gen vs previous gen?

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That’s a bit longer list than mine

Probably the fact that clamps don’t matter as much.

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Iono he’s just a bucket. And yea clamps doesn’t matter. He is a legit option at point though can score with the best of them.

But current gen he’s def a no go

Howard is much better on next gen