What card have you played the most games with?


Mo Pete emerald , PD JR and PD D’Angelo all 100 plus games

Isaac Bonga. All Year Long :smile:


Magic, but I sold him two weeks ago. He and Wilt are the only ones to actually deserve the contracts they got.

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What a beautiful cars and shoe… imagine if Darius ever got an upgrade…

To answer your question Magic and AK for me. Pippen, Bird, and Hakeem are close seconds as well.

I have well over 1400 games with Magic cards

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Tyler Loudon probably.

But legit cards probably limited Roy but idk how many bc I sold him

A diamond would make me do things that the public dont need to know

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I got up to like 800 with Anni Gianni’s.

But that’s mostly tto lol


About 500 games with amy KP. Sold him a few weeks ago. Now opal MJ is leading the pack

Diamond Penny Hardaway is with me since I started MyTeam.

Even now he makes my lineup, but I think that it’s time to upgrade him to PD version.

Probably diamond Andre Ig

Anni Magic - he’s just too hard to replace

With cards I use now I’m 200 games in with PD Tmac, such a fun card my favorite release in the game.

15.6 PPG

.632 FG .583 from 3.

Not bad at all considering I use him in TTO a lot.

PD anni Magic, 250+ but he’s long gone from my lineup.
I think right now the one with most games has to be dark jersey diamond PG13, 175 games more or less

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What is your budget line up right now bro?

It’s looking like this! It’s not very updated since lately I only have my PS4 in the weekends. I have ~120K, tonight I will give a try to Millsap, MPJ and Markkanen I think!

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Nice Bro!

Thanks! Not that budget like yours because I never got banned and I learnt a bit how to stack MT over the year, but I never glitched nor put money in the game, so it’s still a limited MT budget to work with

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Yes bro. Ahaha I’m not playing much lately though.
After I get skywalker AGAIN this weekend I don’t know what to do anymore.

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