What card did you seem to pull over and over this year?

Everyone has those cards that they just kept pulling over and over.

For me it was bronze Luke Kennard, Gold Vujacic, and Ruby Tatum this year.

I actually think I’ve pulled Ruby Tatum 10 times.

What about you guys?


Leon Powe.

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Amy Jason terry

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Diamond Robert Parish and Diamond Dave Bing. Probably 5-6 each and I haven’t spent a dime on vc since both cards were released.


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Diamond/Pd curry.

That bulls player brueller

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horace grant amy

Channing Frye

Mario Chalmers. Makes me mad seeing that card

Channing Frye…

Parish lately.

PD Harden


Jk gold AC Green was always showing up for me. Unfortunately he never showed up where it mattered. On the court

Amy porter

Lob city passer.

I opened very few packs this year, but I have like 6 or 7 Lob city passer badges in my auction house trying to sell them for 250 but no one wants them.

Channing Phuong frye

I pulled a bunch of throwback Redd’s a while back. He’s AIDS.

Bronze Tomas Satoransky